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Fear is Bad for Business

Today The Black Iris posted probing into why Jordanian bloggers are not more compelled to blog about issues that matter. And recent posts on What's Up in Jordan look at missing the point in education, a Salti code of socioeconomic ethics, an ad tax to pay for culture, Sha3teely is all taxed out, AmmanVoice casts a ray of common sense on a confused capital as it grows, and Bashir's battered citizen is so not up to another round.

A few days ago blogger X asked:

did u participate in this Conference at the Dead Sea last month? - an event that sought to investigate the new media environment and find paths to understanding.
blogger Y:
nope. i think they invited the radio albalad director and he invited a few bloggers the day before it was hosted to come to radio albalad so they could pretty much tell him what to say. lol. i think. (blogger Z, were you one of those people or am i talking about something completely different). but it's pretty interesting that they host something like this (although judging by the picture it looks far from informal) without inviting young people who are part of new media movements here. ah well.
blogger Z:
Yup... I didn't go to the event itself at the Dead Sea, but I attended the meeting arranged with bloggers... he basically wanted to get some thoughts from bloggers so that he can "transfer their opinions" to the people at the conference. The meeting was good and he had some pretty interesting idea, but it was one day before the dead sea event, and personally I was surprised and bummed that none of the local bloggers were involved.
blogger X:
Were you guys absent when the manual came out???!!!
1. Bloggers are a species
2. There is now a Bloggers Union Rep At Large
3. New media is abstract
4. Welcome to fearful Jordan
Happy day!

Meanwhile, 70% of Jordanians are under 30 years, internet penetration is not even at 15% with sluggish activity as 360east posts. Facebook ranks as the 3rd most visited site in Jordan, after Yahoo! & Google, and Jordan Watch looks at how our education system is a frustrating set up for failure, while Iman reminds you to treat your mind.

What do you want to care about today?

Mull that over while you watch Paranoland:


Nas said...

that's an interesting roundup...very introspective! :-D