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Stories Are The Conversations of Change

Tomorrow, May 10th is Pangea Day. The wish come true of filmmaker Jehane Noujaim at TED 06. A global film gathering that brings people together speaking the language of visual storytelling - conversations that infuse a different way of learning, thinking, believing, working and loving, on this journey of change.

I'm holding a screening in Beidha/Petra with Arab TeleMedia at the Ammarin Bedouin Camp that's being set up by Waves. If you're in the south of Jordan and would like to join a local community and the Pangea live broadcast (9pm-1am Jordan time, 6-10pm GMT), please feel free to stop by. It's an open screening around the camp site free to all by a crackling fire, lots of tea, and the company of the wonderful Ammarins. If you'd like to spend the night at the camp, please contact them directly for accommodation arrangements and rates.

We will gather at the camp around 7pm.

7:30 to 9pm - intro to & screening of the film TORFA - a documentary by Maggie Kabariti. Torfa bint Sabbah Al Ammarin is a nomadic bedouin living in the Sharah mountains. Last year Maggie spent a couple of weeks with Torfa and shares the life of this beautiful soul in her film. The Ammarin community will watch Maggie's film for the first time where she'll spend time chatting with us about it, listening to and engagin in the community conversation.

9pm to 1am - we will join the live broadcast where 24 shorts will be screened and people from all over the world will join in sharing their thoughts, wishes and experiences. The live program is subtitled in Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish. "Can film change the world?" TED's Chris Anderson asks "No. But the people who watch them can."

Want to watch? For the Middle East, the Pangea Day TV broadcast is on Star World thru ART. You can also access special Pangea Day videos and content on your video-enabled mobile at mobile.pangeaday.org. Capture images and video of your own Pangea Day experience and share with the world at www.ovi.com/pangeaday. Some digital cinemas around the world are also screening the live broadcast. And of course online with a good broadband connection.

We'll be here May 10th :D


Check out more pix of our night