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Orange - not fresh, not juicy and so not connected!

I spent 5 hours today in a building with 400+ people whose core business is communication. The Orange internet connection was down. I finally found a window to eject, but I have whiplash from the paralysis during those hours.

This Black Iris blog speaks for many.

I've liked the Orange brand for years, way before Jordan went Orange. And now Orange Jordan is just killing it all for me! Because of your rep, I've avoided subscribing to your Internet service, and only suffer your outage when not on my turf. The damage caused is way beyond!

What does it take for a fantastic global brand to deliver outstanding to 6 million people who hang around 92,300 km2? How can you not get it right?


Ali said...

I love how everyone is blogging about this issue, I blogged about the limited internet from orange, Check it out http://tinyurl.com/ll83rn

Anonymous said...

check out this isp:
unlimited download

Fedup said...

this is a good campaign, at least a start so we can get them to hear us, i already changed to another ISP which i'm happy with NEXT, and the fact that i hear someone on the other side when i call them brings tears to my eyes after i have be aggonised by 1214
and Dude, i have checked JCS they only cover Gardens street, and after 6PM thier speed becomes Dialup.