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Greetings من المنجم عالمريخ

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Syrian treasures abound

I've been exploring the neighborhood for sometime now, and after years of merely crossing to get to the other side.. as fast as possible... I'm intrigued by this new found Syrian magnetism. I don't know what it is yet, and I've never been anywhere but Damascus, however I can smell the roses and I like the scent of the journey ahead.

Sipping coffee to the sound of pouring rain on the overhead vinyl courtyard cover before I wander out to explore, I tripped into this Sea Side.

Syrian treasures abound.


البحث عن الشرف

نتيجة البحث لـ

جرائم الشرف

في الغد هذا الصباح

في قسم الاخبار: 8379

في قسم افكار ومواقف: 621

لا شرف في الجريمة هي حركة لاستنباط العدالة

نحن نؤمن بأن الافعال يجب ان تسمى باسمها

الجريمة هي جريمة والقتل هو قتل للنفس البشرية

نحن نؤمن بأن الأفعال يجب أن تحاسب على قدرها

الجريمة يجب أن تعاقب كجريمة والقتل كالقتل

لا شرف في الجريمة هي حركة تسعى للحقيقة ،

لأن الحقيقة هي أشرف مطلب إنساني .



Questions to media workers, bloggers and communicators

Are you a media worker? And/or do you use any media for advocating/communicating on issues important to you?

I am developing a discussion session on women’s rights and the role of communication & media, and in preparation for it would like to know how you are using media for gender related content if you're an advocate for anything that matters to you.

Note: the term media in this context refers to traditional as well as social media and blogging.

What are you doing to keep your conversation alive?

For example....

If you blog, what issues are important to you and how is the conversation growing through blogging and what action is impacted?

If you're a filmmaker, do you use film to tackle certain social issues that matter to you, whether in fiction or doc?

If you advocate for women's rights, how are you using media?

If you're advocating against crimes in the name of honor, how how are you using media?

If you are working on creating awareness within society about the rule of law, how are you using media?

If you're working on generating a conversation about women's financial rights, how are you using media?

If you're advocating for legal changes that impact women, how are you using media?

If you're passionate about education and are leading a conversation around the topic, and it includes/impacts gender issues, how are you using media?

If you believe sex education is deficient in our curricula and you have a point of view on that, how are you communicating your thoughts and/or engaging others in the dialog?

If you are bothered by general harassment in the street while walking around your city, how are you using media?

If you're running for elections in a union, parliament, etc - how are you using media?

If you have something to say about the female quota, how how are you using media?

Anything you're willing to share about issues that matter to you and the media you're using would be great - whether within the above areas or something totally different. Share any questions and/or concerns you have about what is covered/not covered in the media which you believe should be.

Thanks a mil for taking the time to share your thoughts and work.

(also posted on UrdunMubdi3)


What I want from my teachers

Educators need to go back to school to change the way they think about learning. As facilitators into the world of discovery for their students, educators must relearn how to learn in today's world and must become masters at the tools at hand so that they can become true facilitators.

For Jordan, perhaps for every 3 years of teaching, an educator should take a semester off to go catch up on some learning and open new areas in their brains to empower them to become enlightening, enabling agents for their students. One of the most frustrating things is someone who has been teaching for many years, certified, and is arrogant about new learnings... mainly due to fear, and consequently refuses to listen to what kids are aching for and instead believes that as an educator s/he knows what's good for the students and what they need to be learning. Now more than ever, educating is about listening more than it is about telling. To do that well we need some DNA reengineering.

On another level, many educators are parents, they have kids similar to those in their classrooms at home. I know some who are very double standard. They claim they know better and say they are good educators, but when it comes to their own kids, they allow themselves to get caught up in bad practices like pulling little favors with other teachers so that a daughter is excused from not delivering on time, or a favor to skew a grade compensating for a son's bad performance. But when approached by another parent about a kid in his class, same teacher takes a firm stand and doesn't accept the parent's requests. IMHO, these are the worst kind of educators coz they are not true to their trade. They do not believe in the code of their profession, therefore unconvincing to most kids and what happens is that everyone just goes thru the motions without deep thought, observation, evaluation and continuous self learning, building numbness, dullness and killing the appetite for learning.

I believe it's too simplistic to only call for educators to be facilitators coz the world we are shaping today is a facilitator culture by virtue of being connected to whoever we feel we can learn from if we so choose. Now more than ever facilitators to knowledge and opportunity are abundant. They are not necessary part of formal academia. They are reaching out and making themselves accessible. They are setting up solutions to reach out to kids and communities in new ways, they are using their experiences to give back and extend opportunity to others. They are generous in sharing what was once viewed as exclusive, proprietary and precious, free. The new DNA we need is being formed here and there and is only going to get contagious in amazing ways.

Specifically to Jordan,

1. Teachers should be required to take a semester off (or summer) every three years to upgrade their learning.

2. We should create a countrywide teacher exchange program - get educators out of their comfort zone. This should also be taken further to create an international exchange program to expose teachers to other environments.

3. We should design a teacher-becomes-student program where a teacher is required to take a class as a student in another teacher's class of a similar level s/he teaches. ie. 7th grade teacher enrolls in a class as a student in another 7th grade teacher's class - this gets them to change their vantage point and will teach them to listen and observe better so as to restructure their own approach.

4. We should ensure every educator in Jordan has a laptop connected to the internet, and knows how to use it, uses web 2.0 for education and is engaged in an online activity or program with other educators, as well as students.

5. Video document classes and share them with the school and put them online - useful to empower the good ones to keep doing better and the bad ones to either shape up or get out of the way.

madrasati 2.0 :)


Orange - not fresh, not juicy and so not connected!

I spent 5 hours today in a building with 400+ people whose core business is communication. The Orange internet connection was down. I finally found a window to eject, but I have whiplash from the paralysis during those hours.

This Black Iris blog speaks for many.

I've liked the Orange brand for years, way before Jordan went Orange. And now Orange Jordan is just killing it all for me! Because of your rep, I've avoided subscribing to your Internet service, and only suffer your outage when not on my turf. The damage caused is way beyond!

What does it take for a fantastic global brand to deliver outstanding to 6 million people who hang around 92,300 km2? How can you not get it right?